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We put at your disposal our expertise acquired in the field of real estate development and more specifically land research.The aim is to ensure the best valuation of your land, house or real estate complex by determining the building rights.

Alongside, our different interactions in the real estate field also lead us to provide a real estate transaction service ; offering the properties that owners have entrusted to us.

Established in the south of Oise, we operate mainly in Île-de-France and Hauts-de-France areas.


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Development and construction

We develop quality land development and property development operations in Ile-de-France and Oise, either independently or in partnership with national and local stakeholders

Our projects take place within a sustainable quality approach and are surrounded by stakeholders recognized for their expertise.

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All types of property are likely to have interesting constructibility.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any preliminary study – free of charge and without obligation

Examples of property sought:

  • built-up or bare land
  • warehouses
  • garages
  • hospitals

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